The Social Man Say Hello REVIEW ~ Christian Hudson’s YES Sequence

The Social Man Say Hello REVIEW ~ Christian Hudson’s YES Sequence

The Social Man SAY HELLO is a new dating program for men. It focuses on how to approach women. In this The Social Man SAY HELLO review, I will go into detail about the program.

The Social Man SAY HELLO Review

The Social Man SAY HELLO is by dating expert Christian Hudson of the The Hero Co (formally The Social Man) dating advice company. Christian Hudson has been studying and giving dating advice to men for well over ten years. I’ve followed Christian for about nine years. He tends to be more laid back, conservative and “dry” compared to other dating experts. Others tend to be more flashy and in your face. Does that matter? You’ll find out in this The Social Man SAY HELLO review. I’ll keep this The Social Man SAY HELLO review fair, honest, and objective like normal.

You can find the full details of this program here. In a nutshell, it’s video footage from a seminar about how to approach women. There’s Christian speaking along with fellow dating expert guests. In addition to the streaming video, there’s text transcripts and other added bonuses.

Here’s a list of all that’s included.

  • • Core Say Hello Training.
  • • Complete Confidence Hypnosis.
  • • The Art of Seduction.
  • • 7 Commandments of Dating 9’s and 10’s.
  • • Performance Psychology Training.

In the The Social Man SAY HELLO Seminar and handbook, it first dives into helping you get over any anxiety you might have. Whether it be social anxiety or approach anxiety. You must get over your fear of approaching women to meet them. Christian gives tips and techniques to get over any hesitations or hang-ups you may have with going up and talking to beautiful women that you don’t know.

If you’re shy or introverted, this should help you out to be more outgoing. Especially around women you are attracted to. There’s also a bonus about “confidence hypnosis”. I generally think that hypnosis is bullshit. But it does help hammer in positive reinforcement into your mind. That way you’ll stop dwelling on the worst possible outcomes when thinking about approaching a girl.

Next, Christian gives you a game plan on how to approach and what to say. He gives varying techniques and examples. I’m sure you’re dying to know more about the “YES Sequence” that he talks about in the promotional video.

Here’s the “YES Sequence” in a nutshell.

A lot of guys are very “direct” when approaching women they are attracted to. This means that they convey that they are interested in the girl. This often comes off as “low value” and “needy” to the girl. Thus, she blows off the advances the man makes. It’s important to know that high “social status” is something women find incredibly attractive in a man.

Christian teaches a more “indirect” approach. Where you are polite and flirty, yet “challenge” the girl. This in contrast to spilling your guts to her and hopping through her hoops. Sometimes you even flat out tell the girl “no”. This makes you come off as high value and more in demand. Women pick up on this and have the tendency to feed on it. They become more compliant with you. Thus, more likely to say “yes” to you. It often leads to the woman craving your attention and chasing you.

This isn’t exactly a new concept to men’s dating advice. Prior techniques like “negging”, “teasing” and “push/pull” are very similar in psychology. These have all been very successful, and I imagine the “Yes Sequence” is too.

That’s a brief The Social Man SAY HELLO review overview. In the next part, I will give my true opinions about it.

The Social Man SAY HELLO Review – CONCLUSION.

To wrap up this The Social Man SAY HELLO review, I’m going to tell you some things I like about it. Then, some things I dislike about it. And finally, my ultimate conclusion.

What I like best about The Social Man SAY HELLO is that it addresses the core problems that many men have with women. It doesn’t promise magic tricks and pickup lines to woo them over. Instead, instead it takes a step back and dives into the psychology of what keeps men from approaching women confidently. It then gives techniques on how to fix it.

I also like that it focuses on what the woman is thinking when you approach her. Why did she reject you? What is she looking for in a man? What can you do to display the traits she wants in a man?

Let’s face it, even if you memorized 1001 of the world’s best pickup lines.. they’re completely useless unless you a) can build up the courage to confidently approach a girl and b) follow up the pickup line by continuing a conversation that intrigues and attracts the woman. The Social Man SAY HELLO addresses the above.

The price is very reasonable for the amount of content that you receive.

Some of the bonuses are nothing special. Some seem to be only promotions for other programs for sale. But hey, they’re just bonuses. Some do have value though.

This leads me to what I dislike about The Social Man SAY HELLO. I’m simply not a fan of watching recorded seminar footage. I find it boring and the audience distracting. That’s my personal preference. I know having an audience provides “social proof” for the speakers and they can charge for tickets to the seminar.

In conclusion, The Social Man SAY HELLO is a solid program packed with a ton of great advice for curing approach anxiety and approaching women, all at a heavily discounted price.

Christian Hudson and the other speakers know what they are talking about. He even provides a 365 money back guarantee.

Buying this is totally a no-brainer if you ask me.

After buying it, you’ll get a 14 day free trial to “Superpowers”. Superpowers is a monthly subscription program. Each month of it costs $67. So make sure to cancel it here if you don’t think it’s worth the money. They’ll also try to “upsell” you with a bunch of other programs. You can ignore them or unsubscribe from their newsletters. That’s ultimately why they can sell the The Social Man SAY HELLO program for so damn cheap.

Buy it at the discounted price by clicking here.

No The Social Man SAY HELLO review would be complete without a star rating. I give The Social Man SAY HELLO 4 stars out of 5. It has strong content at a good value. Go get your copy now.

The Social Man SAY HELLO program is NOT a scam. It IS worth the download.

So what do you think of my The Social Man SAY HELLO review? Agree or disagree? Share your The Social Man SAY HELLO review below.

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