Text Your Ex Back REVIEW – Download 2.0 PDF Book

Text Your Ex Back REVIEW – Download 2.0 PDF Book

In this Text Your Ex Back review, we got the unbiased opinion of both one of our male and female product reviewers. They reviewed the Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore PDF book for both men and women.

Text Your Ex Back (aka “TXB”) is a PDF book geared towards helping you get your ex back by texting them. The current version is Text Your Ex Back 2.0. There’s a Text Your Ex Back for men that helps them get their ex-girlfriend back. Similarly, there’s a Text Your Ex Back for women to help them get their ex-boyfriend back. We wanted to test both versions, so we enlisted the help of Emily and Mack. And I, Michael, am responsible for compiling their opinions and putting together this Text Your Ex Back review.

So what did Mack and Emily think? Did Text Your Ex Back help them get their ex back? Is Michael Fiore a scam? Let’s find out in this Text Your Ex Back review.

Text Your Ex Back Review

So lets dive right into this Text Your Ex Back review.

First, let’s tell you the cost and what’s exactly in the program.

Cost: Less than $50 (click here to see lowest available price).
What’s Included.
1) Text Your Ex Back Video Training.
2) Text Your Ex Back Audio Training.
3) Text Your Ex Back Interactive Community.
4) Texting PDF Guides. (Including 100 Ready-To-Use Texting Formulas.)
5) 4 Bonus Relationship Products. (Including Instant Forgiveness and Infidelity Buster.)

Text Your Ex Back Book Review Michael Fiore

I provided both Emily & Mack access to the Text Your Ex Back book. They had 2 weeks to study & use the advice. I then brought them both separately into my office and asked them each 5 questions that I thought most people interested in a Text Your Ex Back review would want answered. Finally, I asked them both to come into my office and we had a group discussion about Text Your Ex Back.

So let’s jump right into the 5 Text Your Ex Back 2.0 questions:

How Does Text Your Ex Back Compare To Other Ex Back Programs?

Emily said that this program focuses on using text messages to get your ex back. Other “ex back” programs are less specialized.

Mack said that the membership area made Text Your Ex Back different. It made the program more interactive and “gave you information more gradually than all-at-once”. He said that Michael Fiore did a great job of breaking down the information in easier to absorb “modules”. He said that other programs just had you download a clump of digital PDFs and MP3s which made him feel “overwhelmed”.

Here’s a screenshot of the Text Your Ex Back membership area.

Text Your Ex Back Review - Membership Area

Did Text Your Ex Back Work In Getting Your Ex Back?

Emily said she sent several of the provided example texts to an ex. She said that Michael Fiore’s “Text Judo” method seemed to be very effective. Unfortunately, after many texts and a schedule for a “date”, he admitted to having a girlfriend. She immediately canceled the date and stopped returning his texts. She said she just started using the program on another ex-boyfriend. It is too soon for her to come up to any conclusions with him.

Mack said it worked great for him. He tried texting his ex-girlfriend in the past with little success. After using the techniques from Text Your Ex Back, he was able to meet up with her for lunch and to “catch up”. He later suggested she stop by his apartment to share a bottle of wine and watch the finale of “The Voice”. He used Michael Fiore’s “Intimacy Booster Texts” leading up to that night. I asked him who won “The Voice” and he coyly smiled and said “Lets just say we lost interest in it really quick.” He says he’s been using the advice from the “Texting Steady” module to “casually date” his ex since then.

Is Text Your Ex Back PDF Book Worth The Download?

Both Emily and Mack were impressed with all the content. They both liked the constantly added new modules containing videos, PDFs and audio in the membership area. It should be noted that there is no monthly fee to the membership area. You pay a low one time fee and get a lifetime membership to the forum and content. In all total, there is over 8 hours of audio and video.

Mack thought Text Your Ex Back was a great deal for anyone who was looking for an ex back product dedicated to text messaging. Emily thought it was professionally put together and easy to follow.

They both agreed that Text Your Ex Back was worth purchasing at the discounted price.

How many stars do you rate Text Your Ex Back?

Both Mack and Emily agreed that Text Your Ex Back was great at what it was targeted for. Emily liked the texting strategies and wide array of pre-written example texts to send. She said his example texts did a great job of “gradually escalating the interaction”. In the past, she feels she came off as “desperate” when texting her ex.

Mack said that Michael Fiore’s suggested timing of the texts really helped him. He feels that in the past, he was unsuccessful because he texted his ex “too fast and too furious”. As Michael advised, he said he was able to leverage “the green-eyed monster” rather than fall victim to it.

They discussed on whether to give it a 4 or a 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Ultimately, they agreed to give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5 because there is only a one time fee for a lifetime membership. So many other ex back programs charge an initial fee and an expensive recurring monthly fee thereafter.

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In conclusion of this Text Your Ex Back review, Emily recommends the Text Your Ex Michael Fiore pdf for women looking to get their ex-boyfriend back. Similarly, Mack recommends getting Text Your Ex Back for men if you’re looking to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Go get your copy now at the lowest offered price.

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