Spartagen XT REVIEW ~ Ingredients, Cost & Where To Buy

Spartagen XT REVIEW ~ Ingredients, Cost & Where To Buy

Spartagen XT is a new male dietary supplement. It’s created by EDGEBioactives. It claims to “boost sex drive, increase free testosterone, and promote stamina”. It’s often referred to as “Spartagen Testosterone Booster”.

You can watch the free Spartagen XT video here.

So is Spartagen XT a scam? Or is it worth buying? We’ll give you our honest, unbiased advice in our Spartagen XT review below.

Spartagen XT Review.

In this Spartagen XT review, we are going to first analyze the cost, ingredients, and side effects.

Next we are going to give the results and testimonials from our two reviewers. Greg is in his upper 30s. Michael is in his mid-40s. Each was given a 30 day supply. They’ll let us know what they thought of Spartagen XT.

Finally, we’ll wrap the Spartagen XT review up. We’ll give you a star rating for it. We’ll let you know if we think Spartagen XT is worth the money. Or if Spartagen is a scam.

Spartagen XT Cost And Where To Buy.

You cannot buy Spartagen XT at Amazon. You cannot buy Spartagen XT at GNC. You cannot buy Spartagen XT at eBay. You can only buy Spartagen XT at Edge Bioactives’ website.

Spartagen XT cost is $99.95 per bottle retail. But it is discounted from 31% to 51% off at their website. Each bottle is a 1-month supply. The more bottles you buy, the greater the discount. The cost per bottle is less than $50 if you buy a 6-month supply (6 bottles).

There is an optional “Keep Your Edge Exclusive Coaching Sessions”. It teaches you how to “improve bedroom performance, increase lean muscle, and attract women”. It cost $80 per month after a 14-day free trial. On the purchase page, there is a check box with a red check mark by default. Click the red check mark to uncheck the box. Then you won’t be billed for the coaching sessions.

Spartagen XT Ingredients.

Spartagen XT ingredients include several vitamins. Minerals. Metals. Plant extracts. And inactive ingredients.

You can find the full list of Spartagen ingredients and concentrations on their website.

So lets discuss some of Spartagen XT’s active ingredients. I used WebMD to find out how each ingredient may potentially benefit you. Many of these claims are not certain or proven.

Non of the statements below have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. On the sales page, it states that Spartagen XT “is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease”. So take that all into consideration.

Vitamin D. – Used to prevent obesity, muscle weakness, and bone loss.

Vitamin E. – Improves physical endurance. Increases energy. Reduces muscle damage after exercise. Improves muscle strength. Helps with male fertility problems.

Vitamin B6. – Helps prevent age-related vision loss.

Zinc. – Helps assist in preventing depression. Helps prevent age-related vision loss.

Tongkat Ali. – Improves the quality and concentration of sperm. Might increase testosterone levels. Helps increase muscle mass and strength. Help prevent erectile dysfunction. Increases interest in sex.

Tribulus Extract. – Elevates testosterone levels. Enhances libido. Increases strength and lean muscle mass.

Asian Ginseng Extract. – Improves mental function. Improves sexual function. Prevents erectile dysfunction. Prevents premature ejaculation. Improved athletic performance.

Maca. – Enhances sexual desire in men. Improves energy and athletic performance. Prevents depression. Improves memory.

Chrysin. – Improves athletic performance. Prevents anxiety. Prevents impotence. Cures baldness.

Those are some big claims for these ingredients. The problem is there’s often not enough scientific evidence. Nor documented controlled studies to prove such benefits. In fact, most of the research on tribulus extract states that it is entirely ineffective for the claimed benefits.

It’s hard to know who to trust. We want to make a fair Spartagen XT review. It’s in the best interest of the supplement sellers to make unproven claims. While on the flip side. It’s in the benefit of big money pharmaceutical companies to discredit these supplements. They might pay for fabricated studies to say they are ineffective.

But don’t worry. We’re going to have our two reviewers try Spartagen XT. They’ll tell you what benefits they exhibited while making their Spartagen XT review. They’ll also reveal any negative side effects.

Spartagen XT Side Effects.

We did research. Most of these ingredients are likely safe at these doses.

If you are taking medication. Or have a medical condition. Then be sure to consult your physician before using Spartagen XT.

Check out their website for all the medical disclaimers prior to purchasing.

Spartagen XT Results & Complaints.

Greg and Michael both took Spartagen XT pills as advised for 30 days. Afterwards, we asked them if they noticed any positive results. Or harmful side effects.

Michael said he felt increased sexual urges. In the past, he was often too tired to pursue sex. He said Spartagen XT gave him a more “aggressive sex drive”.

He had erectile problems in the past. He could not maintain an erection for an extended period. Especially after consuming alcohol. He said that he felt Spartagen XT helped.

He also felt like he had an increased sexual endurance. Especially when it came to holding off climaxing. He said his girlfriend was impressed.

He said he doesn’t lift weights or exercise. So he didn’t notice any strength difference. He did say he felt an overall increase in energy.

He said he didn’t recall any negative side effects from taking the pills.

Greg felt like he had an increased libido. In his words, he was “horny a lot and wanted to hump like a rabbit”.

He didn’t comment on improved sexual performance or erectile dysfunctions. That’s because he hasn’t noticed any issues in the past.

He made more gains in the weight room. He said his muscles seemed to not tire out as quickly. He also said he noticed quicker recoveries after lifting.

He said he didn’t recall any negative side effects from taking the pills.

Those were their unbiased Spartagen XT review opinions. This was after 30 days of use. Take from it what you will.

Spartagen XT Review Conclusion.

Our two testers claim they exhibited the advertised benefits. That was after using Spartagen XT for 30 days. Ultimately, it’s uncertain if you will get the same effects. It would be nice if we could have done a larger controlled study. Unfortunately time and money did not permit it.

Our advice to you is to try a one month supply. You’ll get the same 5 bonuses whether you buy a 1-month, 3-month or 6-month supply.

We suggest you uncheck the “Coaching Sessions” option so that you don’t get charged $80 per month for it. If you exhibit similar positive benefits after one month, you can then buy a larger supply. Both Greg and Michael said they are going to purchase an additional 6-month supply. They want to keep using it.

If you see no benefits, request a refund.

We think this is what you should do. This is the most honest Spartagen XT review on the internet.

You can purchase Spartagen XT at this link for up to a 51% discount.

spartagen video

Watch a free informative video presentation about the supplement.

No Spartagen XT review would be complete without a star rating. We give Spartagen XT 4 stars out of 5. Go get your supply of it now if you are interested.

Spartagen XT does NOT appear to be a scam based on our small study. It IS worth trying.

So what do you think of our Spartagen XT review? Agree or disagree? Share your Spartagen XT review below.

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